Lunch date 🍴

We were invited to lunch by Wildly Coffee​and we really enjoyed it 😊 Thanks so much for the invite guys. The food is amazing, best raspberry ice tea ever 🙌 the staff are so friendly and helpful and we really enjoyed watching all the baboons having fun in the gardens and on the cars- Olive was so entertained!  


Ok so keeping a blog up to date is hard work, props to those people who are very constant 🙌

Today I have posted  A LOT of things, things that are current and from way back, even before posts that have already been up for a while and I have back dated them so they will show up exactly where they should have been if I was constant 🙈 I’ve had them in drafts but have not been posting #JustThoughtYouShouldKnow 😂

Read about baby number 2 here 😊

Read about Babies and Breakups here 😊

Aaannnddd watch this space for O’s first trip to the coast and her stay at the beautiful Lonno Lodge 😊

Breakups and Babies

Alright guys lets face it, relationships are are hard work and throwing a baby in the mix makes things that much more “hard”. A baby is definitely life changing, in the best way possible although they do bring added “stress” to a relationship. 

As many people read on my Instagram post, Wayne and I went through a break up a while ago which quickly changed into taking a break instead which is why I edited the post on Instagram. I know I said I was going to write about it all the next day but it was a little too hard for me to do. 

I’ll keep this post short as there are just so many details that I would add to this and could talk about but I feel that one would get the gist from a general post about it. 

Going through breakups are hard on their own, but again with a baby in the mix, its much MUCH harder! Your actions don’t only affect yourself, but more so your baby! Not only that, having a child means that you can not be selfish, you can not just leave without any words, you both have your baby to think about and both parties need to be involved in her life so you have to make that work for her! Having a child puts so much pressure on a relationship, its a real test; I remember reading so many articles before I gave birth that talked about how having a baby will break up your relationship and Wayne & I used to tell each other that that definitely wouldn’t apply to us. I can not be selfish about anything because our behaviour affects O and O deserves the best, she doesn’t deserve to be or feel as though she is in the middle of our fights and she should never see us fighting, so in that regard, you always need to keep calm and level headed even though all you want to do is be rude to the other one, stop talking to them and show them how much you don’t need them (which in ny case was the furthest from the truth), we need to behave normally around her and for her which again is just so difficult because you are seeing red and you don’t want to be calm and relaxed around that person! 

As I said, Wayne  and I decided to take a break because soon after the fight and we had time to cool down and we realised that we love eachother so much! Wayne and I have one hell of an amazing relationship, which is evident every day and after reflection and cool down from the fight it was and is very evident still. When you love someone with your whole heart, you can’t picture your life without them and want to make everything workout😊
The trick to our relationship is finding out how to get in sync with everything. Having a baby has made us grow up real quick, has changed us in a lot of ways, there are many things in our relationship that work for us and don’t work and the trick is to find a way to get in sync again the way we were before O came around. It’s really that simple. Things have changed and we need to recalibrate and adapt, which isn’t hard, communication is key and we will get there 😊



Baby number 2

Can you imagine this was a post I had written when O was 1 month?! I still feel the same way of course.

I’ve always dreamt of having 4 kids, It went like this; girl meets boy, romance blooms, boy proposes, girl says yes, marriage at 25, pop out 4 kids- 26 years old Kid number 1 – boy named Heaphaestion, 28 years old, 2nd&3rd – twins boy and girl and at 30 the 4th kid- adopted boy from Mongolia. House filled with thousands of dogs and pets, happily ever after. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But knowing me, It really came as no surprise that my life went in quite the messy unexpected way and chose to re arrange the steps, causing me to be quite scandalous actually (24, not married, baby on the way- born when I was 25). I always seem to do things a bit differently than the normal person, my dad can definitely attest to that, I can just see him rolling his eyes in agreement (I LOVE YOU DAD)!

As scary and unprepared as I was and still am, I just have to say messiness and scandal aside, I absolutely love the way my life is, I mean, I cannot even pause to imagine what life was like before Olive, and yes of course there are plenty of struggles, and I find myself in a sprint to grow up, but we (Wayne and I ) are both learning how to be a parents, it’s a confusing messy incredibly scary road, but I look into my baby girls eyes, and I welcome the challenge with open arms. we are not where we want to be yet in terms of income etc but we cant help finding life to be just really good. I stop to reflect on all the joy and happiness i’m surrounded with, and I’m so grateful. I value it so much.

Now labour was a real bitch (read bout it here), and I will be the first to tell anyone that it was the worst experience of my life, I’ve even sworn in the past that the next child will be carried by a surrogate mother because I just cannot go through that again. But recently I’ve found myself fanaticising about how nice a baby number 2 would be, I find myself dreaming about another little baby brother for Olive, and furthermore I dream about carrying him myself. And I think this is what people mean when they say you forget the pain, I definitely have not forgotten the pain and I don’t think I ever will but it slowly just becomes so irrelevant because the little bundle of joy you get from it is the best thing you could ever think to dream of! And could you imagine receiving another gift just as precious as the one you already have?

side note; I’ve been told by quite a few people that I should also just get them all out of the way right now (these are usually ranging in the elderly Kenyan demographic), but I must say,they have me really tempted!! But ok ok breath everyone because as irresponsible as we seem, we really are not thinking about baby number two at this minute. We want to be ready for him/her. But in the meantime.. one can dream right?!




LOL 😂😂

This has got to be the funniest passport photo I have ever seen. O’s balding head isn’t making it any better 😂. This was actually quite difficult to get, and the photographer also used flash which you are not supposed to do with babies, but anyway, now we can go get her Australian and Kenyan passport, woopieee 🙌🙌


I knew this day would come, I didn’t want it to come, I had hope it wouldn’t, but it has. I have even shed a few tears, yes, I know it will grow back and probably even more beautiful so I don’t know why I’m feeling so emotional about it but I can’t help it 🙈

Goodbye baby hair, it was fun while it lasted 👋


Olive is really becoming a big girl, I’ve noticed it over the past week or 2 but I’m REALLY noticing it now. It’s incredible how fast she is growing in such a short amount of time. She is completely holding her neck on her own, her movements are becoming more coordinated and intentional, her poops and Farts are much easier, generally her size as well…It’s all amazing me every day! Her personality is really beginning to come out too which I perceive to be fun, bubbly and happy with bit of diva/drama queen thrown in the mix! 

Everyday I stare at her in awe, she is amazing!