Bloggers Event 3&4

Olive got to go to her 3rd and 4th bloggers event on saturday- First we went to Zen garden to try out their new menu which was absolutely delicious and then we got to go to Tapas Ceviche bar where Dennis Prescott was giving a talk about “his craft how he started, answer questions and do a practical food and wine shoot”. Dennis Prescott is an amazing food photographer that I have followed for a while and I was super exited to meet him, naturally I asked him to take a photo with O for the blog!! Β At the end of the event, he had a little competition for the attendees where we had to take a picture of the food and the best pic won, i’m happy to report that I WON and I happily walked away with his new cookbook, Eat Delicious!



Lunch date 🍴

We were invited to lunch by Wildly Coffee​and we really enjoyed it 😊 Thanks so much for the invite guys. The food is amazing, best raspberry ice tea ever πŸ™Œ the staff are so friendly and helpful and we really enjoyed watching all the baboons having fun in the gardens and on the cars- Olive was so entertained!  

Bloggers Food Tasting: Asmara Karen

Firstly, I’d just like to take the time to appreciate how good my man looks 😍 

Ok, I’m done drooling 😊 Asmara restaurant in Karen hosted us for their food tasting event last night and it was wonderful. We had such a nice time! It was filled with great food and great company & it also happened to be Olive’s second bloggers event πŸ™Œ We were welcomed with some yummy passion fruit cocktails (non alcoholic for me of  course) and some Olives & spiced nuts, we then moved onto some canapes, and finally onto the main course which was absolutely delicious, I love the Eritrean food at Asmara and they definitely came through! I must say that the Shiro they made was my favourite πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ unfortunately we couldn’t stay for dessert although they were kind enough to pack us some to take home! THANKS FOR HAVING US 😊😊

Bloggers Lunch: Tin Roof Cafe

Olive attended her first bloggers lunch today which was so much fun! It was at Tin Roof Cafe with Discoucher. It was full of absolutely delicious food – Tin Roof Cafe never disappoints and we also got to keep a Discoucher book which is a huge book of discounts for spa’s, restaurants, hotels etc all around Nairobi and some around Kenya, it is definitely worth buying so I would advise all Kenyan’s to go get yourself 1! I can not wait to start using mine!