2nd month Vaccination

Man…I Just hate injections, I’ve really been trying to put these vaccinations off but I know Olive needed them so we had to get them done. I’ve struggled so much knowing she was going to get 2 injections today, I’ve been so sad and I’ve even cried and held back tears. 

I left her in the room with my mum and Dr.Farida because I just couldn’t bear it, walked to the other side of the hub so I wouldn’t have to hear her cry as well. I left my mum with very strict instructions to smother Olive with love as soon as it was over and to call me as soon as she’s stopped crying!

O is such a strong girl, she amazes me everyday. Even after her injections she was cracking smiles the whole day which just makes me the happiest person in the world! So far she has been okay, I did give her Calpol as soon as it was over and rubbed her thighs with Ice which both helped,and I’m hoping she will get through the night without any pain!

Sidenote; she’s growing really nicely and is in the 50th percentile for both height (56.5cm) and weight (5.1…kg).

Goodnight world ✌

Mosquito fight

Wayne and I have these play fights all the time about who loves Olive more, who the better parent is etc, all fun and games. So… last night Olive and I fell asleep next to each other and she happened to have been bitten by a mosquito, Wayne witnessed this happening, reached over and killed the mosquito but was a little too late to stop the bite, now he has real ammo against me, he brings this up all the time and will apparently never let me forget it 🙈🙈😂😂  (again, this is all fun and games, in case anyone thinks he’s really upset, he isn’t!) 

Even though I know we’re joking around, I actually feel so irresponsible that I let this happen, I mean with things like malaria, you’ve got to be careful! You can’t be lazy with things! All I had to do was put her in her crib and put her mosquito net on but nooo I thought I’d just fall asleep too.

I’m feeling a bit better now because I’ve realised some things are out of my control, she is fine right now, I will live and learn and I won’t cry over spilt milk! 
Mosquioto bite featuring Ducky the protector!

Night Drives with Grand

Last night my dad a.k.a Grand (He would like to be known as Grand or Bond) came over around 9 to drop off some Kikuyu porridge that apparently helps with the production of breast milk. We then went for a night drive to help Olive sleep (rough poop night), like he used to do with me, and just like he said, she fell asleep very quickly as we cruised around my neighbourhood to tunes playing on the radio.

I found this so precious, it was such a wonderful feeling to do that with my dad.



leaving O for the first time!

Last night I left Olive for the first time since she was conceived really!! She’s only 3.5 weeks old but I felt that I needed a night out and a drink 🍻 It was really one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, I cried all day yesterday thinking about being away from her. I breast feed Olive so I put her on Formula yesterday which she took to very well and will be on till tomorrow and I left her with both her grandma’s, so I knew she was in capable hands, didn’t make it any easier though! Grandma Chemeli made this delicious spiced cake with lemon icing and Orange slices for garnish which definitely helped make me a little happier 😍 I had the biggest slice ever!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.00.57 PM