Mother’s day 14/5/2017

I spent my first mothers day (as a mother) with some of my family at Karen country club and I had a great day!!! 😊

We all woke up in a super positive mood and the rest of the day wasn’t very different. I started my day by putting Olive in a top specially for mama that said “Mom you are so wow” with love hearts all over to make myself feel very special, I remember thinking that one day she will be doing these things for me and coming to wake me up with kisses, I couldn’t help but look forward to that! I took my pictures and then changed her into her actual clothes for the day, I went with something that said ‘country club chic’ and finished it off with a little bracelet/watch (a rattle toy thing that keeps her entertained)😂🙈

We then all got ready, (Wayne, Olive, my mother and myself) and went to watch Katarina play tennis for Muthaiga country club at Karen country club where Muthaiga finally beat Karen and took home the cup after 14 whole years, WELL DONE MUTHAIGA 🙌 and more importantly, you KILLED it Katarina, you are such an amazing person, sports player and God mother to Olive ❤

We then went off to have lunch with Wayne’s grandad and Aunty Linda (Mother in law😊) at the garden area overlooking the golf course, it was such a beautiful day which made me very jolly! We were not only celebrating mothers day but Aunty Linda’s birthday as well which had just passed a few days ago, we sat down together, had lunch and chatted the day away. I also caught some really special moments between Olives great grand dad and Olive which made Wayne and I very happy, I immediately remembered how I swore to myself that I would film all these moments, that I would make sure O would have a bank of photos and videos to look at when she’s older, why have I not started filming yet?! I even bought this phone specially to capture great photos and videos whenever I don’t have my camera at hand. I feel like I’m losing all these moments and memories if I’m not capturing them and I want them forever which makes me feel so sad, I really must try to do all the things I said to myself I would do before it’s too late and O is 25, traveling the world, meeting her husband, getting married and having her own kids! 

Anyhu, getting a bit sidetracked there. Mothers day was really special, I am so grateful for days like that with people I love! 

A whole lotta new

-Her vocabulary has grown drastically, we are having full on conversations these days which is amazing!!! 

-I woke up the other day to Olive just pleasantly staring around the room, not making a sound as if she knew I was sleeping and didn’t want to wake me.

-The other day Olive started playful feeding; she would suck my nipple then stop, smile at me, put it  in her mouth but not suck, then smile at me, keep smiling, so when I’m about to put my clothes back in she would suck again with a fun look on her face.

Bathtime 💧

I had my first bath with Olive yesterday and it was such a beautiful experience. She loves hot water and was super relaxed as if she was at the spa, she even fell asleep floating in the water 😍 (I held her head out of the water of course)


Foot prints 👣

I finally got some foot and hand prints done, I wanted to do it as soon as she was born because her feet were just so tiny, I mean they still are but they have already grown so much, either way they are just so precious that I wanted to keep a print forever, perhaps even keep doing prints every year. 

My message to you mamas (and Papas) out there is; don’t be lazy!! It’s so easy not to do things that you had planned because your (understandably) tired but you get one chance, they grow so quickly so do all the things you wanted to do before it’s too late and you regret not having done them ✌


First time on grass

Yesterday Olive & I spent the day at Muthaiga country club with some family, I was staring out at the beautiful green grass, wishing ours at home would get back to being that green when I realised that Olive had not been in the grass yet, despite us having a wonderful big garden at home! How could I have not taken her out onto the grass yet?!

Just look at her cute little feet in the grass 😍, At first she found it a little weird, I could tell by the faces she made and how she curled her toes, then I think she actually grew to like it. This might be another one of those posts that people would be like “who cares about her first time on GRASS”, but this was just so precious to me!


The first time I breast fed O in Public

It was one week after olive was born, that I had decided to take myself, and my beautiful baby for a little outing. I had originally expected to be in a slow recovery after the birth of Olive, but truth was, it only took me a day after her birth to be back on my feet and physically ready to rock. So when one week came around, I decided to take my little angel and I out Just to grab a quick coffee and truth be told I had taken her out from day one but those were all closer to home, it felt more safe.

Now, i’m really not sure how much of this event was my imagination, paranoia or was in fact the actual reality I went through, but this is how I remember it;

As I walked through the passage ways of the mall, with my new born baby in my arms, I felt the overwhelmingly heated gaze of a thousand strangers pick at me. Everyone had something to say about what I was doing wrong!

I sat on my table in a cafe, shortly after Olive began to cry, she was hungry, this was THAT moment my baby woke up crying, hungry in my arms, I was panicked!  I knew of course I had to feed her but I couldn’t possibly feed her here, in the open, at this cafe, in front of all of these people…could I?! I even had to call my mum to check that it was okay, I mean you hear all the things people say about breast feeding mothers in public, how taboo it may be, I wasn’t sure where I stood!  I remember my heart stopped with panic, as my eyes grew searching the waves of eyes that were watching and scrutinising my every move. But it only took a second glance at my crying baby, to ignite an overwhelming fierce protective flame in me that i’ve never felt before, completely wash away my vulnerability,  and I can clearly remember a voice taking over my body, “ F*** it, if my baby is hungry, I’m going to feed her, Damn it!”! Who I was shouting at, I don’t know!

I couldn’t stop noticing the waitresses and waiters with their stolen glances, and whispering judgements and the strangers that would shake their heads in disapproval around me. I was a deer caught in their headlights. Again I felt so transparent, I felt so vulnerable, and for some unknown reason, I felt so overwhelmingly wrong as a human being. Then again I remember those  motherly instincts kicked in and I couldn’t help thinking that all those imaginary or realistic eyes of judgement… well, can frankly go to hell.

As soon as O was fed, I felt really proud of myself even though this is a completely natural part of life because society makes you feel so worried about everything you do! At the end of the day, I was empowered, My baby was happy so I was happy!

I am also happy to say that I am much more comfortable breastfeeding in public now, sometimes I don’t even care about using something to cover O feeding- my breasts simply are now just a source of food. Someone did tell me that you do get your humility back once baby stops feeding, we’ll see!


This was not my first time breastfeeding, this was the other day at family lunch, my little cousin Jake got a bit weirded out by me breastfeeding next to him, not sure what he was looking for under his shirt haha :p