Mother’s day 14/5/2017

I spent my first mothers day (as a mother) with some of my family at Karen country club and I had a great day!!! 😊

We all woke up in a super positive mood and the rest of the day wasn’t very different. I started my day by putting Olive in a top specially for mama that said “Mom you are so wow” with love hearts all over to make myself feel very special, I remember thinking that one day she will be doing these things for me and coming to wake me up with kisses, I couldn’t help but look forward to that! I took my pictures and then changed her into her actual clothes for the day, I went with something that said ‘country club chic’ and finished it off with a little bracelet/watch (a rattle toy thing that keeps her entertained)πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

We then all got ready, (Wayne, Olive, my mother and myself) and went to watch Katarina play tennis for Muthaiga country club at Karen country club where Muthaiga finally beat Karen and took home the cup after 14 whole years, WELL DONE MUTHAIGA πŸ™Œ and more importantly, you KILLED it Katarina, you are such an amazing person, sports player and God mother to Olive ❀

We then went off to have lunch with Wayne’s grandad and Aunty Linda (Mother in law😊) at the garden area overlooking the golf course, it was such a beautiful day which made me very jolly! We were not only celebrating mothers day but Aunty Linda’s birthday as well which had just passed a few days ago, we sat down together, had lunch and chatted the day away. I also caught some really special moments between Olives great grand dad and Olive which made Wayne and I very happy, I immediately remembered how I swore to myself that I would film all these moments, that I would make sure O would have a bank of photos and videos to look at when she’s older, why have I not started filming yet?! I even bought this phone specially to capture great photos and videos whenever I don’t have my camera at hand. I feel like I’m losing all these moments and memories if I’m not capturing them and I want them forever which makes me feel so sad, I really must try to do all the things I said to myself I would do before it’s too late and O is 25, traveling the world, meeting her husband, getting married and having her own kids! 

Anyhu, getting a bit sidetracked there. Mothers day was really special, I am so grateful for days like that with people I love! 

Hit & Run

On our way back from hospital after taking Olive for some tests at Aga Khan hospital because my poor baby had a fever and colic like pains, we witnessed some idiot driving down the road past us at an insane speed, proceeded to hit a car at the round about only to speed off without a mili second of hesitation. Poor guy who had been hit almost crashed into another car and didn’t even have time to get the other guys details, we tried to get the number plate but couldn’t. This scared me so much, my whole body felt on edge, not only can this happen to anyone at anytime but what if he had his kids with him etc? This really hit me hard emotionally. NEVER SHALL I EVER let Olive be in a car without being in her car seat. I won’t lie, there are times I’ve held her instead of putting her in the car seat but this really put things into perspective for me, you never think you would be the one in an accident but these things are out of your control!

NEVER AGAIN will I let my laziness & over confidence get in the way of Olives safety, EVER!!


P.s Olive is just fine, slightly elevated CRP levels but all seems ok. She is such a trooper, I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks and Olive has been by my side through it all, what’s needed is some good R&R. Also, I just have to mention what an amazing guy/dad Wayne is, carrying 1001 bags full of equipment, baby clothes, women’s hand bag, his bag, the stroller & car seat all over the hospital, arranging everything, being so supportive of me as I sat there and had a little breakdown and most importantly just making 100% sure Olive is okay…I love you Wayne ❀

Cheers to My Number 1 Fans

Today I woke up feeling so blessed to have my parents. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the only day I have woken up feeling like this, this is just the first time I’ve realised that my parents didn’t even care what their friends would think of my pregnancy, or perhaps they did but never shared their fears with me. From the get go, the very first time they knew about my pregnancy they have been super supportive! My mum came to stay with me and help out, my dad drove all the way here everyday (ridgeways-karen) to check on me, and now to check on Olive. Not once mentioning any concerns about what anyone thinks about this whole pregnancy, I mean if I was scared about my age mates, I can only imagine what the older generation think! You know how Kenyans are very traditional when it comes to these sort of things, having a baby at 24/25 and not even married yet?! Oh gosh I can only imagine the thoughts; “look at how they raised their kids” bla bla bla (I’m just too tired to even think of all the things that could be said!) For goodness sake pursuing photography in university and as a career alone already came as a shock to quite a few, I have received a number of comments over the years that continue to shock me,  in this day and age especially but yeah I got used to that! So at the time being pregnant and now having a beautiful baby girl people must be thinking what a rebel family we are because God knows my parents did things a bit differently for their time too, apparently my mum was even called a gypsy mum by the older generation because she didn’t cover us up in 1001 sweaters, they let us run naked all over the place and be free. 

My parents actually just ROCK!! Thanks for supporting me through thick and thin, through EVERYTHING!

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