Nanny Diaries

So sometimes I catch my Nanny giving O a kiss on the cheek, and its given me very mixed emotions! On one hand she’s not family and I don’t really like the idea of her or anyone that’s not family kissing O to be honest, but on the other hand I feel as though she really adores O so is that a good thing? I would just like to note that I don’t really know her too well, she is New to us so could this be too intimate too soon?

This is something that has really been bugging me, and with all of that being said I’ve come to the conclusion that even though she really adores O, I’m just not comfortable with it, which brings me to the question, how do I tell her to stop without offending her? I really like the idea that she is so smitten with O and I don’t want to change that or make her feel like I don’t like her or something….HELP!!!

Any mama’s & papa’s go through the same thing? Am I being ridiculous? I would REALLY appreciate some advice 😊

Sidenote; Wayne is really not happy with it at all, and I see his point completely. My issue is being polite but at the same time be firm, I mean she’s my child so I shouldn’t feel bad telling the Nanny this at all but for some reason I do!