Biter 😬

Oh my gosh, Olive has become a biter and it is so scary because I know she’s teething so once that tooth pops out she’s going to bite my nipple off! Mums, how did you stop this?

P.s I have been the worst blogger lately, there are a thousand and one posts that need to go up which I will get to this week 🙏

❤ Olive ❤

I thought that it was finally time to do a photo shoot, being a photographer and all. It did not go as planned but I’m happy with this one shot of my baby 😘

Having few milk problems today which is making me feel really depressed, she had no problems breastfeeding last night so hopefully it’s just a stage and milk will be coming back ASAP!! I’ve been a bit stressed and have not gotten enough sleep so I hope thats the reason why and that I haven’t gone dry. Gosh…😢🙈