Ok so keeping a blog up to date is hard work, props to those people who are very constant 🙌

Today I have posted  A LOT of things, things that are current and from way back, even before posts that have already been up for a while and I have back dated them so they will show up exactly where they should have been if I was constant 🙈 I’ve had them in drafts but have not been posting #JustThoughtYouShouldKnow 😂

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Aaannnddd watch this space for O’s first trip to the coast and her stay at the beautiful Lonno Lodge 😊


I knew this day would come, I didn’t want it to come, I had hope it wouldn’t, but it has. I have even shed a few tears, yes, I know it will grow back and probably even more beautiful so I don’t know why I’m feeling so emotional about it but I can’t help it 🙈

Goodbye baby hair, it was fun while it lasted 👋

Doc Visit

How annoying is it that every time your child seems sick then as soon as you take her to the doctor all her symptoms seem to have gone? EVERY TIME 🙈🙈

Ok so there turned out to be absolutely nothing wrong with O even though I am super worried about her blocked/runny nose and how it hasn’t gone away in like 2 weeks!!!! Doc says it can stay for even 3 weeks and as long as she’s otherwise doing ok, she’s fine.

One thing that the Doc said that I will always carry with me is that “babies don’t lie, if they are sick they will let you know”. I know this seems like a “duhhh, of course” kind if thing but as a new mother, these sort of statements helpthat me get through a lot of worrying moments I have!

Sidenote; we finally got her insurance thanks to Wayne’s mum, which makes popping down to the doctors that much easier! Thank you Aunty Linda ❤❤

Poop Stories

So Olive did a nice poop & quite a  few farts today without having any discomfort and I’m so excited. I’ve been talking about it all day!! 

For those of you who don’t know, babies feel some discomfort and sometimes some pain when they are trying to poop and fart and that’s because 1 they don’t have gravity on their side & 2 they  find it very difficult to coordinate their tummy muscles to squeeze while relaxing their anus. I heard this gets better at around 3 months, O is now 2.5 so I’m really happy it’s improving 🙌


Today has been such a scare, I started changing O this morning and found her with a huge rash on her tummy, legs and armpits, it then continued to spread over her body and migrate to different places. I rushed her to see the doctor once I saw it spreading, especially after rushing her to the hospital the other night for a fever, I thought this might be connected and something was seriously wrong. The doc doesn’t think that it’s anything serious, I’ve been given something for her to take and I’m keeping a close eye on her for the next 2/3 days. She’s been a bit agitated today, crying quite a bit so we also gave her some Calpol and she’s been drowsy on that for the past 2 hours, sleeping and waking up looking ‘high’, it’s actually quite funny!

Anyhu, I guess a lot of things are going to happen to Olive in her life and I’m trying to get that in my head! I tend to panic too much and get very emotional when I see her sick so I need to calm down or I might die of stress 😂

These are my confessions

Ok so in my post Hit & Run I talked about how I would always, ALWAYS make sure Olive is in her car seat, well yesterday, on the way back from lunch from the hub which is 10 mins away from my house I sat with Olive in my arms breastfeeding her because she was hungry. Should I have waited till I got home? Definitely! Am I a bad mum? Ok, no I wouldn’t go as far as saying that but Im definitely irresponsible and these kind of behaviours need to end because Olive means the absolute world to me!!!