I love this girl- Happy Birthday NIKI!!!

Niki and I have been friends literally since day one and for the absolute longest time, from being in kindergarten just enjoying our lives to forming a “gang” in prepatory school and becoming some sort of bullies to parting ways to attend different secondary schools and universities although we always pick up where we left off whenever we see each other, our parents are also good friends which is great because were all always on the loop of whats going on in all our lives!  We celebrated her birthday at Wasp & Sprout on sunday and it was such a lovely day, I am so glad that Olive got to meet her and also spend time with my other good and “old” friends! Props to Jireh who took her camera and got all these lovely shots of O with everyone, Thanks Ji!

Niki, you are such an amazing person, the sweetest of us all, thanks for such an epic day ❤


Bloggers Event 3&4

Olive got to go to her 3rd and 4th bloggers event on saturday- First we went to Zen garden to try out their new menu which was absolutely delicious and then we got to go to Tapas Ceviche bar where Dennis Prescott was giving a talk about “his craft how he started, answer questions and do a practical food and wine shoot”. Dennis Prescott is an amazing food photographer that I have followed for a while and I was super exited to meet him, naturally I asked him to take a photo with O for the blog!!  At the end of the event, he had a little competition for the attendees where we had to take a picture of the food and the best pic won, i’m happy to report that I WON and I happily walked away with his new cookbook, Eat Delicious!




Ok so keeping a blog up to date is hard work, props to those people who are very constant 🙌

Today I have posted  A LOT of things, things that are current and from way back, even before posts that have already been up for a while and I have back dated them so they will show up exactly where they should have been if I was constant 🙈 I’ve had them in drafts but have not been posting #JustThoughtYouShouldKnow 😂

Read about baby number 2 here 😊

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Aaannnddd watch this space for O’s first trip to the coast and her stay at the beautiful Lonno Lodge 😊


I knew this day would come, I didn’t want it to come, I had hope it wouldn’t, but it has. I have even shed a few tears, yes, I know it will grow back and probably even more beautiful so I don’t know why I’m feeling so emotional about it but I can’t help it 🙈

Goodbye baby hair, it was fun while it lasted 👋

Doc Visit

How annoying is it that every time your child seems sick then as soon as you take her to the doctor all her symptoms seem to have gone? EVERY TIME 🙈🙈

Ok so there turned out to be absolutely nothing wrong with O even though I am super worried about her blocked/runny nose and how it hasn’t gone away in like 2 weeks!!!! Doc says it can stay for even 3 weeks and as long as she’s otherwise doing ok, she’s fine.

One thing that the Doc said that I will always carry with me is that “babies don’t lie, if they are sick they will let you know”. I know this seems like a “duhhh, of course” kind if thing but as a new mother, these sort of statements helpthat me get through a lot of worrying moments I have!

Sidenote; we finally got her insurance thanks to Wayne’s mum, which makes popping down to the doctors that much easier! Thank you Aunty Linda ❤❤

Poop Stories

So Olive did a nice poop & quite a  few farts today without having any discomfort and I’m so excited. I’ve been talking about it all day!! 

For those of you who don’t know, babies feel some discomfort and sometimes some pain when they are trying to poop and fart and that’s because 1 they don’t have gravity on their side & 2 they  find it very difficult to coordinate their tummy muscles to squeeze while relaxing their anus. I heard this gets better at around 3 months, O is now 2.5 so I’m really happy it’s improving 🙌